Management Resources Ltd
Are you a self employed contractor working overseas and wish to remain so and be paid gross

but would like to use the facilities provided by Management Resources Ltd of Guernsey

for invoicing and payment purposes?

Read what just two of our existing clients have to say about our service


Peter Cremer is an Offshore Manager and Client Representative and has been a client

Of Management Resources Ltd for over 11 years says “I have always found the service

provided to be of the highest quality and would have no hesitation in recommending

Kath and her team to others working in the offshore oil and gas industry”



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Gerry Haddrell who is a ROV Supervisor/Sub Engineer/Pilot in submersible

operations has been a client of Management Resources for over 9 years
says “I am happy to recommend to others in the industry the efficient
yet personal service provided by Kath and her team ”
As a self employed contractor you obviously remain responsible for your own tax affairs and we

at Armada Marine have also thought of that. Click on the link below to contact

Wills Accountants who have many years of experience in the field of taxation for those who work overseas.